Hubertus Joseph Pilates was born in 1883 in Germany.

His father was a locksmith and his mother was a homemaker. Joseph came from a simple family and left home when he was 16 years old. 

He married three times and had two biological and two adopted children. Throughout his life he learned about health and physical fitness. He used to criticize the way people exercised. 

In Germany, he created and pantended his first accessory: THE FOOT CORRECTOR, and then the UNIVERSAL REFORMER.

He was so determined with his Method that he decided to move to the U.S where he married Clara. He improved his Method and started calling it “CONTROLOGY”.

Joe Pilates was a genius and strongly believed in his Method.

There are several stories and myths about his life and death. Many people believe that when he was a child he suffered from different illnesses and poor health, which is now known as not true. 

Some people thought that his exercises were, at first, based on Yoga, and also that he assisted war victims. However, he adopted concepts from fencing, boxing, wrestling, and traditional German Gym. 

After his death, in 1967, his legacy was kept by Romana Krynawoska.

“Your body is your best asset . It keeps and reflects your soul . Take care of it as if it were a precious stone and we will lapidate it."

Joseph Pilates